Tekken 6 PPSSPP Cheats 2020

Open the ppsspp emulator. start tekken 6 game. press Esc key, select “Game Settings”, then Click “System”, scroll down and press “Enable Cheats”. Now Close the ppsspp. Open the PPSSPP install directory, go to “memstick” folder, open PSP and open Cheats .There’ll be a file named ULUS10466. Edit the file and type the following cheats. […]Read More

6 High Graphic Games for Medium Spec PC

Today We will tell you the most played games for desktop computers. This games are the best on the market right now, and all of them are very known, especially the best one which is Grand Theft Auto 5! Have a great day guys and don’t hesitate to read the entire article! Gamers can rejoice […]Read More

Shadow of Tomb Raider Took Franchise to New Heights

During the annual Tribeca Games Festival last Friday, Square-Enix officially unveiled Tomb Raider’s Shadow. The existence of the game is certainly no secret, but I am glad to know that it is real. Audiences in attendance should see a 20-minute gameplay video, along with a panel of game developers and talent. The hour-long show did […]Read More

23 Video Games to Get Lost in Self-Isolating

The Best Video Games to Get Lost in While Self-Isolating Within days, “Animal Crossing” fans will be able to travel to the island paradise and build a community when “New Horizons” is finally released. For gamers with diverse tastes, on the same day, “Doom: Eternal” allows those at home to battle through the demonic powers […]Read More

Homefront +11 Game Trainer Free Download

Click the below Download Button to Download Homefront +11 game trainer for free. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Unzip the archive, first run the trainer, and then the game. You have to use the following keys to activate finctions in homefront: INSERT -enable the trainer NUMPAD1 -Infinite health NUMPAD2 -Infinite Ammo NUMPAD3 -No reloading weapons NUMPAD4 […]Read More

Spec Ops:The Line +12 Game Trainer Free Download

Unzip the file and paste it in the game directory. run the trainer then the game. press the following keys to activate the functions of the trainer. NUMPAD1 -immortality NUMPAD2 -unlimited Ammo NUMPAD3 -Not reload weapons NUMPAD4 -unlimited gernades NUMPAD5 – maximum accuracy NUMPAD6 -weapons will not overheated NUMPAD7 -instant cooling NUMPAD8 – super run […]Read More

How to Unlock All Items in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of rain 2 is a 3-d multiplayer TPS (third-person shooter) roguelike video game developed by hopoo games and posted by means of gearbox publishing. as a rogue-like, every run of this game could be specific with the randomly generated environments, monsters, bosses, gadgets and plenty of more. Risk of rain 2 is very popular […]Read More

Free Download Nvidia Geforce Experience 3.20.2 LATEST

Geforce experience is the companion software for your geforce gtx graphics card. it continues your drivers updated, robotically optimizes your game settings, and gives you the perfect manner to share your greatest gaming moments with pals. geforce experience system necessities can be observed here. To download Nvidia Geforce Experience  Click The Button Below and wait […]Read More

Little Nightmares – FPS Boost for Low-End PC

little nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure sport evolved by using tarsier studios and published via bandai namco enjoyment for microsoft windows, ps four, nintendo switch, and xbox one. the sport obtained nice opinions upon launch with critics praising the ecosystem, pix, and sound. Today we’ll tell a tip to boost the fps of little […]Read More

Creative Destruction White / Black Screen Fix

First thing you have to do is to open your Creative Destruction game folder. to open it, Go to Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon then go to Creative Destruction folder.  Now Open “Documents” Folder. Now Delete all the files in Documents folder. After Deleting Now go back and Run the game Again. Now you can see White Screen error […]Read More